Gameicon WRD
2nd Guards Tank Division
Country Soviet Union
Type Armored Division
Commander(s) Colonel Gorky
Subordinate(s) 140th Guards Tank Regiment

Armored Supply Company
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Company
Heavy Engineers Company

Appearances Climb Mount Narodnaia

The 2nd Guards Tank Division is one of the major battlegroups that can be deployed in the Climb Mount Narodnaia campaign of Wargame: Red Dragon.


The 2nd Guards Tank Division is only deployable once the region of Nankoku has been captured, along with the 1st Guards Tank Division they form the main armored punch of the Soviet Union in the campaign, with the seas secured by the Kuznetsov Naval Group, the division was free to smash its way through both Japanese and American lines without needing to guard the vital port.


140th Guards Tank RegimentEdit

Colonel Gorky's T-64s provide an excellent strike force, capable of opposing any enemy tank. They can be deployed on a controlled harbor with their ow recce and supplies.

Use them in an attack on open ground, but support them with infantry and anti-aircraft equipment whenever possible.

It costs 30 points to deploy and consists of:

Armored Supply CompanyEdit

This non-combatant company includes large amounts of supplies that can be brought by armored vehicles or helicopters.

It must escort the most resource-greedy units such as artillery, helicopters and heavy tanks.

It costs 5 points to deploy and consists of:

Heavy Anti-Aircraft CompanyEdit

This long-range anti-aircraft company comes with short-range batteries, BUKs target aircraft at long-range, whereas Biryusas and strelas respond to closer threats.

This complete fighting plan can deploy an anti-aircraft cover spreading over a whole region.

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

Heavy Engineers CompanyEdit

For raging fire, count on these long-range Uragan missile-launchers or shorter range but incendiary Buratinos.

At short-range, nobody can withstand the flames of a buratino. Use Uragan launchers on more remote targets.

It costs 15 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • As said above, this battlegroup is only deployable once Nankoku has been captured.
  • The only really important unit is the tank regiment, everything else is not needed.
  • The tank regiment is easily capable of scaring off the enemy BGs and causing them to avoid battle rather than fight in the event that they attack you, enabling you to attack them in turn.
  • There are a number of errors in the unit descriptions, the heavy AA company has no Biryusa SPAAGs or Strelas and the heavy engineers company has no Uragans.


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