3rd Commando Brigade are a British Royal Marine Commando Formation which appear in Wargame Red Dragon in the Pearl of the Orient and Second Korean War campaigns. The are a Royal Marines battlegroup and therfore focus on excelent infantry and good support at the expense of armour.

Pearl of the Orient:

3rd Commando Regiment  are a starting battlegroup deployed on the eastern coastline. There key features are:

Very Strong infantry including:

- Royal Marines mounted in Stormer APCs, superb infantry in defence or on the attack.

- Milan 1 ATGM missile teams mounted in Saxon APCs.

- Javlin LAAD Javlin missile teams mounted in Saxon APCs.

Infantry HQ sections, weak but easily concealed, mounted in Stormer APCs.

Good Logistics with FOBs and a high number of Stalwart trucks.

Abbot artilery providing good support.

Exelent and well balanced recon with SBS teams, Gazelle helecopters and Scimitar light tanks giving a wide range of options.


3rd Commando Brigade is not designed to fight in the open in a stand up fight with enermy armour and will be overun if they try. However they are perfect for holding wooded or urban aries aganst an enermy mecanised or airmourn assult and will cut an attack to peices.

On the offennsive they are perfect for clearing out urban aries of Chinese infantry and there recon and artilery allow good preparation before an attack.

Ideal support unit's to this formation against Chinese armoured/mechanised/marine units are the Canadian Anti-Tank Company which will help them defeat heavy armour and protect against enermy air attack. Air support in the form of FAA Sea Harriers will make this unit a complete nightmare for Chinese Airbourne regements, their choppers will be shot out of the sky by SAMs and fighters and the infantry will be shredded by intrenched Royal Marines.

Second Korean War

3rd Commando Brigade is a light hele-bourne assult unit deployed from the Ark Royal Group, it consists of:

- 40 Commando Royal Marines; A hele-bourne light infantry unit.

- RM Rece Company; a mix of Gazelle recon helecopters and SAS teams.

The key features are:

Very Strong infantry including:

- Royal Marines mounted in Lynx, superb infantry in defence or on the attack.

- Milan 2 ATGM missile teams mounted in Lynx AH1 Helecopters.

- Javlin LAAD Javlin missile teams mounted in Lynx AH1 Helecopters.

- SAS teames mounted in Puma Helecopters, capabell of deseating enermy mechanised infantry and enermy helelecopters/planes.

HQ sections mounted in Lynx AH 1 Helecopters.

Lynx AH7 Tow 2 and Lynx 3 Helecopters - very strong anti-tank choppers.


3rd Commando Brigade is very mobile and hits hard but is venerable to enermy air defence. Once deployed in a town or forest they are almost impossible to shift although their weak logistics makes them venerable to an enermy who can deploy massed armour. Use their mobility and spped to avoid enermy strong points and set up in good positions, forcing an enermy to come to you and fight your elete troops with air support.

Fighter and attack aircraft is critical but the British Squdrons off of the Ark Royal are perfect for this.

They work very well in partnership with the French Marines who can provide light armour, artilery and logistcs to supliment the Commando Brigade's elite infantry and powerful attack helecorpters in an assult on the Chinese Navel base. The Japanese Airbourne forces also work well in with 3rd Commando Brigade if they are deployed on the mainland. Alone any of these battlegroups are dangerouse, together they are utterly lethal.


In real life 3 Commando Brigade is a commando formation of the British Armed Forces and the main manoeuvre formation of the Royal Marines. Its personnel are predominantly Royal Marines, supported by units of Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery,and the Fleet Air Arm, together with other Commando Qualified sailors, soldiers and airmen.

The brigade was formed in 1943, during the Second World War, with a mixture of army commando and Royal Marine commando units and served in the Burma Campaign. After the Second World War, the army commandos were disbanded and the brigade became a Royal Marine formation. Although predominatly a RM formation it contains several army units inclusing; an artillery regiment and engineer regiment alongside three Royal Marine infantry battalions (Commandos in RM parlence), a reconnisance/intelegence battalion and support services.

Since the end of the Second World War, it has served all over the globe, most famously in the Fawklands War, as well as other conflicts including in the Suez crisis, Second Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan.

When deployed it is often suplimented by other units from all services including; light armour, artilery and additional infantry (British Army), Special Forces (The SAS and the marines own SBS) and helecotper support (Royal Navy, Royal Marines and RAF units).

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