Gameicon WRD
Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre
WRD ALAT Insignia
Country France
Type Army Aviation
Subordinate(s) 5.RHC


Appearances Second Korean War

The ALAT is one of the major battlegroups that can be deployed in the Second Korean War campaign.


As the Second Korean War heats up, France continues sending additional reinforcements, with the French Army Light Aviation joining the fray on the 10th day of the war with a pair of attack helicopter squadrons, they prove pivotal in halting the Chinese attack, devastating the Chinese armored formations with barrages of rockets and ATGMs



For its 1st operational deployment this squadron of Tigre attack helicopters combines anti-tank weapons with Mistral infrared missiles. The weapon system is carried by a robust aircraft armed with a formidable 30mm cannon.

Do not hesitate to also use this versatile unit in case of an emergency on the front line, in order to rapidly sort out a difficult situation.

It costs 40 points to deploy and consists of:


Squadron of light ALAT helicopters with a good recon capability and flexible weapons, but lesser resistance and low quantity of on-board ammo.

Their main assets are their great versatility and their low cost.

It costs 30 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Their main purpose is to be used in conjunction with the South Korean attack helicopter squadron to stop the advance of the horde of Chinese tanks that will eventually spawn at Shenyang. Once the battle is over, you can use them together with any other helicopter units to chase down and destroy the retreating Chinese formations.
  • The Chinese force is almost entirely dependent on Radar AA and a number of Anti-Aircraft Teams to cover them, the Radar AA can be destroyed by SEAD fairly easily while the AI rarely depends on AA teams. Allowing you to use autocannons (especially the autocannon armed Pumas) at close range, just be wary of opposing autocannons mounted on helicopters and APCs.


See alsoEdit

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