Gameicon WRD
ANZAC Air Force
Country ANZAC
Type Air Group
Commander(s) Colonel Kershaw
Subordinate(s) 6th RAAF Strike Squadron
Appearances Second Korean War

The ANZAC Air Force is one of the major air groups that is available for deployment in the Second Korean War campaign.


Arriving on the 11th day of the conflict and deployable from either Yeosu, Daejeon or Pyongyang (if captured) the ANZAC Air Force represents the most powerful Close Air Support assets that can be deployed in the campaign. They serve with tremendous distinction throughout, becoming essential components of the defense against the Chinese and Soviet task forces by repeated carpet bombings of their armored columns.


6th RAAF Strike SquadronEdit

Death from the sky: these F-111s can deliver 8 bombs of 1 ton each in one pass. That firepower is enough to pulverize an entire zone.

Moreover, due to their high speed, the fighters are guaranteed a good survival rate, provided they do not attempt a second pass!

It costs 40 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Deploy it to Pyongyang as soon as the region has been captured, the Chinese do not field ANY fighters outside of their one squadron of Su-27SK which are deployed to Pyongyang (which will be destroyed once Pyongyang is captured).
  • Use it to stem the hordes of Chinese tanks, but remember to use SEAD to clear out Radar AA before sending them out on bombing runs.
  • A good tactic would be to target the deployment zones, 4 F-111Cs are more than enough to saturate an entire zone, wiping out anything short of heavy tanks in its bombing run.


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