Gameicon WRD
Armée de l'Air
Country France
Type Air Group
Subordinate(s) 'Provence' Fighter Squadron
Appearances Second Korean War

The Armée de l'Air is one of the major air groups that is available for deployment in the Second Korean War campaign.

Description Edit

With the Second Korean War in full swing, the French decide to use the opportunity to combat test their newest fighter the Rafale, deploying it on the thirteenth day of the war. It goes on to prove a useful asset, securing the skies over the Korean peninsula from both Soviet and Chinese planes.

Composition Edit

'Provence' Fighter Squadron Edit

This squadron of interceptors is made up of several Mirages 2000 RDI and a couple of Rafale fighters.

It is perfectly capable of claiming air superiority, even against highly performing aircraft such as MiG-29s or Su-27s.

It costs 30 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Despite being a highly specialized, one-off unit, this is a fairly important squadron as it represents the strongest Air Superiority Fighters that can be deployed in the campaign, while neither the Chinese nor the Soviets use their Ground Attack Planes much, the Soviets have a single squadron of Su-27PU that will really mess up your own ground attack planes, so use these guys to provide air cover, once the Su-27 squadron is down it has little use.


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