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Belleau Wood Task Force
Country United States
Type Amphibious Assault Group
Subordinate(s) USS Belleau Wood

VMA-211 'Avengers'
3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade

Appearances Second Korean War

The Belleau Wood Task Force is one of the naval groups that can be deployed in the Second Korean War campaign of Wargame: Red Dragon.


Arriving on the 6th day of the war, the USS Belleau Wood sails behind the USS Enterprise and the Japanese flotillas, allowing them to clear a path for it through the Soviet fleets so that it can land its force of Marines at Tanchon. It stays offshore for the duration of the war, providing air support to ground forces with its Harrier squadron.


USS Belleau WoodEdit

The Belleau Wood aircraft carrier enables you to deploy Harrier planes, Cobra and Seahawk helicopters and several US Marine units, in landings along the coasts of North Korea.

However, its escort of Perry frigates and Pegasus corvettes is relatively light.

It costs 35 points to deploy and consists of:

VMA-211 'AvengersEdit

The squadron of Harriers on the Belleau Wood is particularly versatile: some aircraft are equipped with rockets, and others with anti-tank Maverick missiles.

It can support ground units in all situations, although it is less effective than F/A-18s or A-10s against armored targets.

It costs 35 points to deploy and consists of:

3rd Marine Expeditionary BrigadeEdit

See 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade

This battlegroup consists of 4 formations:

  • 9th Marine Regiment
  • Combat Assault Battalion
  • 4th Armored Regiment
  • Light Attack Squadron 773

Tips & TricksEdit

  • You have the deploy the USS Belleau Wood first before you can activate the attack squadron and Marine brigade.
  • Don't be hasty in deploying this task force, you will need to ensure naval superiority first as it is ill-equipped to deal with the large Soviet fleets.


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