Gameicon WRD
Dai-Ichi Kūtei Dan
WRD 1st Airborne Brigade Japan insignia
The Matchless Elite
Country Japan
Type Airborne brigade
Subordinate(s) 1st Airborne Infantry Regiment

1st Airborne Infantry Battalion Airborne Supply Company

Appearances Second Korean War

The Dai-Ichi Kūtei Dan or (Japanese: 1st Airborne Brigade), is one of the major battlegroups that can be deployed in the Second Korean War campaign.


The 1st Airborne Brigade is activated on the 3rd day of the war at Fukuoka, they reinforce the South Korean defenders at Daejeon, helping them to buy time with their powerful and accurate ATGMs until they are reinforced.


1st Airborne Infantry RegimentEdit

This Japanese paratrooper regiment has decent anti-tank capabilities. It is ideal for holding any urban position , but it is vulnerable to air attacks from planes and helicopters.

You can deploy it to surround your enemy or attempt raids behind the lines, for example to prevent the enemy from retreating or taking an airport.

It costs 25 points to deploy and consists of:

1st Airborne Infantry BattalionEdit

This Japanese elite paratrooper regiment has efficient anti-aircraft capabilities. It can hold a position and repel an attack from planes or helicopters but it lacks anti-tank weapons.

Reminder: these paratroopers and their transport can be assigned to a different airport from their original one, thus enabling parachuting men deeper in enemy territory.

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

Airborne Supply CompanyEdit

Airborne logistics company with large quantities of supplies. Use for emergency resupplying of front line units.

Remember that these types of units can use their original transport planes and parachute again if they are located in a sector that contains an allied airport.

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The regiment is quite useful defending against the initial North Korean assault as it fields the powerful and accurate Chu-mat ATGM which will absolutely devastate anything that is not a T-90S, those can be dealt with using the F/A-18C Hornets from the USS Enterprise.


See alsoEdit

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