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Die Hard is the first campaign in Wargame: AirLand Battle.

The scenario in the campaign involves the 227th Gds Tank Regiment fighting its way to take control of the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

A very short campaign, that can be considered a tutorial for the strategic view of the campaign. The campaign can be completed in 2 easy battles. The enemy 7th Pansarbrigaden can be swept aside without much problem. The West German unit defending Aarhus is more potent, but the player is given a tactical nuclear attack strategic card to weaken it.

Background Edit

While its main offensive has almost reached the Rhine, the critical situation of the Warsaw Pact is becoming catastrophic on the fronts of Bulgaria, Romania and Crimea.

Forced to sit around the negating table in Geneva, the USSR and its allies, victorious in Europe, will have to consider an "Ante Bellum" ruling if they don't want to soon seen NATO's Mediterranean troops reach Czechoslovakia.

But General Gruber, Commander of the 1st East German Amy, suggests to his Soviet superiors that they launch a lightning offensive in Denmark.

His plan? To paralyse the port of Aarhus with the support of the 22nd Panzer regiment and the Soviet 510th Tank Brigade and to block NATO's most important reinforcement point!

If this audacious manoeuvre succeeds, the negoations could quickly turn to the Pact's favour, and all of the sacrifices we have made to reach the Rhine will not be in vain.

PACT Mission(s) Edit

Seizing Aarhus in less than 5 days.

Balance of Power Edit

Scenario balance favours the PACT.

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