Dual Field
SatView DualField
General info
Environment Temperate
Battlefield info
Recommended Players 2 - 4
Starting Zones 1
Capture Zones 8
Reinforcement Zones 4

Dual Field is a 2-4 player battlefield with 1 starting zone per faction, 8 capture zones, and 4 reinforcement zones.


  • Expensive tanks and ATGM's are good on this map because of the plain open fields and a potential for long-ranged skirmishes
  • Consider an purchasing extra FOB for all the fuel spent in the large map.
  • An infantry rush (with either APC's or Heli Transport) to the building in the middle of the map and the forests next to it. (Veteran infantry can be effective in the middle buildings.)
  • Artillery are valuable units - tactically set ATGM and infantry are popular here.
  • Medium tanks (Pattons, T-62s, Chieftans) can be good for advancing.
  • Watchout for flanking helicopters and Special Forces.


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