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An Engineers Squad/Team, or also known as an Engineer, Sapper or Pioneer, is an infantry unit. Armed with the basic infantry weapons, they differ through that, instead of an Anti-Armor weapon, they possess fire-based weapons such as napalm, napalm launchers and flamethrowers.

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An Engineers Squad consists of a minimum of 5 infantry, where as an Engineers Team generally has around 2 members.

Their fire-based weapons means they are able to burn cover of all-sorts. They can burn and shock a variety hostile units hidden and forest cover and they can burn down and kill infantry hidden in buildings. Engineers Squads have a infamous reputation for being the ultimate infantry killers, while Special Forces may be trained and possess better weapons, Engineers have the napalm weapons which will shock hostiles, eventually routing them, then, shooting them undefended.

Most napalm and flamethrowers lack much combat range, Engineers should be positioned close to the enemy to work effectively.

Specific napalm launchers can somewhat weaken and damage enemy armor enemies, however, Engineers should be supported by other infantry and anti-tank teams and/or friendly armor.

Engineers by FactionEdit

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