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Allied Mobile Force (mission)


Invasion of Scandinavia



Fatal Error


November 26, 1979


Outside Dresden


NATO victory, Dresden falls to NATO



Warsaw Pact


Task Force Talon

Northern Group of Forces


Escalation is the fifth and final mission of the DLC campaign Fatal Error. With the successes of the Allied Mobile Force, the Warsaw Pact counteroffensive is repelled and NATO continues its advance, with peace talks beginning in Stockholm, attention is now on the siege of the city of Dresden. Task Force Talon, a unit composed of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the 29th Panzerbrigade and the Allied Mobile Force is tasked with stopping a major Warsaw Pact counteroffensive to relieve the defenders of Dresden.

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Keep at least one command unit (0 pts)
  • Have at least 2500 command points at the end of the countdown (5 pts)

Secondary Missions Edit

  • Destroy at least 4 enemy command vehicles (3 pts)
  • Do not lose more then 12 M1 Abrams (2 pts)
  • Accrue 3000 command points (1 pts)
  • Accrue 3500 command points (2 pts)
  • Accrue 4000 command points (3 pts)
  • Reach 5000 destruction points (1 pts)
  • Reach 8000 destruction points (2 pts)
  • Reach 12000 destruction points (3 pts)

Strategies & TipsEdit

Wargame European Escalation Fatal Error Campaign -- Mission 5 Escalation31:21

Wargame European Escalation Fatal Error Campaign -- Mission 5 Escalation

By Troublmaker

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