Gameicon WEE Gameicon WAB Gameicon WRD
Forward Operating Base
FOB ingame
Nation Any
Class Supply Depot
Cost 100 Supply
Size Very big
Icon WALB Stealth Bad
Fuel Capacity 10000 L
Icon WALB Type Air lifted, Para, Air assault, Mechanized, Armored

The Forward Operating Base is the supply depot available to NATO and the Warsaw Pact. It has a capacity of 10000 L of supplies for vehicles and infantry, when entering its radius, to be replenished until they have maximum health and fuel.

The FOB is also useful for supply trucks and supply helicopters as these resupply them. You can only deploy the FOBs before starting a battle in skirmish and you can only deploy a total of 4 FOBs in your starting zone (1 FOB is already deployed in a starting zone).

The NATO icons for "maintenance" and "fuel" are combined to represent FOB's

If surrounded by enough enemy units, the FOB can surrender and be taken under control of the enemy, however, once enemy units have been removed and friendly units surround it again, it can be re-taken under the players' control.


  • During a multiplayer match, it is VERY important to ask first before using your allies FOBs, NEVER ever drain an allied FOB with your own artillery. His units need resupply too, and it can be an invitation for some un-friendly fire.

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