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FV105 Sultan
WEE FV105Sultan
Nation Flag United Kingdom United Kingdom
Class Command Armor
Cost 130 Supply
Armor Front 2 / Side 2 / Rear 1 / Top 1
Size Medium


Speed 60 km/h
Icon WALB Type Armored, Mechanized, Support
Icon WALB Prototype No
MMG GPMG (7.62mm)

Available to NATO forces, the FV105 Sultan is a British armored command vehicle that first appeared in Wargame: European Escalation.

History Edit

FV105 Sultan is a British Army command and control vehicle based on the CVR(T) platform. Like most command APCs the FV105 Sultan has a higher roof than the APC variants, providing a more comfortable "office space" inside. This contains a large vertical map board and desk along one side, with a bench seat for three people facing it. Forward of this are positions for the radio operator with provision for four radios and vehicle commander, whose seat can be raised which also gave his access to the pintle mounted L7 GPMG. The driver sits forward of this in a small compartment beside the engine space, on a chair with a spring-loaded seat that allows him to recline inside the vehicle or sit upright with his head out of the hatch. Like the M577, FV105 Sultan has a tent to expand space when the vehicle is not moving.


Wargame Red Dragon Edit

Weapons WRD Icon GPMG
Type MMG No Weapon No Weapon
Caliber 7.62mm
Ammo x 1500
Range Ground = 875 m
Helicopters = 525 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Accuracy 20%
Icon WRD Stabilizer 10%
AP Power N/A
HE Power .5
Icon WALB Suppression 55
Rate of fire 652 r/min

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