Gameicon WRD
Far East Air Group
Country Soviet Union
Type Air Group
Subordinate(s) VVS SEAD Squadron

VVS Fighter Squadron
Naval Fighter Squadron
VVS 1st Strike Squadron
VVS 2nd Strike Squadron

Appearances Climb Mount Narodnaia

The Far East Air Group is one of the major battlegroups that can be deployed in the Climb Mount Narodnaia campaign of Wargame: Red Dragon.


The Far East Air Group is the main source of air support for the player in the campaign, they are only available for deployment once an airfield has been captured by the player.


This battlegroup has 5 different squadrons of planes that can be deployed, there are no pre-deployed formations.

VVS SEAD SquadronEdit

This electronic warfare squadron is used to destroy enemy radar air defense. It can only be deployed if you control an airport in Japan.

Our pilots need to be linked to conventional bombers in order to strike enemy anti-aircraft devices.

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

VVS Fighter SquadronEdit

These MiG-23MLs are particularly effective for bringing down helicopters with their R-60 missiles and their cannons.

Attack helicopters are formidable enemies. Strike them first with these aircraft.

It costs 10 points to deploy, and consists of:

Naval Fighter SquadronEdit

The bombs carried by these MiG-29s are effective against armored vehicles. The MiGs are excellent multirole aircraft capable of bringing down other planes.

We advise you to target groups of enemy tanks first.

It costs 15 points to deploy and consists of:

VVS 1st Strike SquadronEdit

The IL-102 is a prototype that we can now test in real conditions! Its 500kg bombs should wreak havoc, and its rear machine guns could take enemy pilots by surprise.

Use it against groups of lightly armored targets.

It costs 20 points to deploy, and consist of:

VVS 2nd Strike SquadronEdit

These MiG-27Ks are the ideal planes for destroying enemy heavy tanks. They only have 2 Kh-29D missiles, but they are truly awesome.

Choose the most interesting targets and do not waste these fighters and their weapons on lightly armored vehicles.

It costs 20 points to deploy, and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • All of the squadrons have their uses in the campaign, there are many Radar SAMs and SPAAGs for SEAD to target, several fighter and attack squadrons to be engaged, and hundreds of tanks and vehicles for bombers and ATGM planes to stun and destroy. Choosing which to deploy is a matter of consideration for the player
  • Despite the naval moniker of the naval fighter squadron, they cannot be deployed to the aircraft carriers minsk or kuznetsov.
  • Choose where to deploy them carefully, while all can be moved around the main island freely, Hiroshima is too far from Nagasaki for any of them, and none of them can reach the last airfield from Hiroshima.
  • It is unknown if it is a bug, but some squadrons cannot be deployed at Nagasaki once it is captured.


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