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Peace Talks

Flugplatz Allstedt
Flugplatz Allsted2

Brüder gegen Brüder


January 4th, 1976


Allstedt, East Germany


West German victory. NATO forces secure airbase. Halle falls to NATO. The 8th Guards becomes surrounded


Brd West Germany

Ddr East Germany


Commander of Panzerbrigade 2

Commander of 7.Panzerregiment


Panzerbrigade 2


336th Separated Helicopter Regiment




Flugplatz Allstedt is the fourth mission in the Brüder gegen Brüder campaign.

Mission Overview Edit

Main Objectives Edit

  • Clear the MITTLHAUSEN perimeter +2 Star
  • Clear the WOLFERSTEDT perimeter +2 Star
  • Secure the airbase infrastructures +4 Star

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the East German HQ at GATTERSTEDT +3 Star
  • Destroy the Soviet HQ at ALLSTEDT +3 Star

Strategies Edit

  1. First reinforce starting point to repel enemy attack (Be quick about it) while also buying all of the Cobra helicopters and a recon helicopter (preferably the one with "exceptional" optics)
  2. Send the helicopters to all of the enemy held command areas to knock out the command vehicles to stop AI spawning new troops
  3. Once done all of this, there will be no more extra units coming your way and now can leisurely take your time to complete the required objectives

Flash Message Edit

  • Enemy aircraft formation approaching from Berlin.
  • Luftwaffe interceptors engaging enemy aircraft.
  • Missile strikes and aerial combat on the front. USAF reinforcements are arriving.
  • Enemy aircraft are withdrawing, the sky is clear.
  • NVA armoured brigade withdrawing towards Halle.
  • NVA armoured brigade has surrendered.
  • Polish-Russian landing in Denmark.
  • Many fleeing Soviet helicopters and vehicles identified. They're headed for Erfurt.
  • Fleeing enemy destroyed on the Artern road. The survivors have surrender.
  • Surrounded in Saxony and deprived of air support, 8th Guards is now in a desperate situation... 

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