An Abrams hiding in a forest

Forests are a terrain feature in Wargame to allow most units to conceal themselves. When a NATO unit goes in to a forest they appear blue or green while a PACT appears red or orange with their icons blinking, signifying that they are hidden


  • Concealed from most units, even recons with good optics
  • Units are able to move through the area without being detected
  • If situated in forest edges, can still mantain overwatch on an area with reasonable visibility
  • Being concealed, one can easily ambush enemies moving on the roads/fields outside


  • Prone to be attacked from behind if one's flank is exposed
  • Units will only see enemies inside forests at point-blank range
  • Except for some units like infantries and ATGM launchers, most units will be visible after firing
  • Slows down movement, increases fuel consumption, and also bears risks of mechanical troubles for vehicles

Tactics and StrategiesEdit

  • Units will only see enemy units at point blank range unless if the unit is sitting on the edge of a forest, in which they can have an excellent view on the open area ahead whilst staying hidden from most units. Most of them however, will turn visible once firing their weapons.
  • It is sometimes best to move your command vehicles into a forest that is inside a zone, allowing it to be concealed from enemy units and having more protection. Careful though, if it is the only forest patch in the command sector, experienced player will blind-bomb it.
  • When your recon units can't find the proper location of enemy units in a forest, it is best to drive them out using artillery or the fire position ability.
  • Never send an expensive unit into the heart of a forest-Everyone's firing range will be reduced to what is practically a point blank range; if your IFV/tank encounters infantry at such range, it will be reduced to scrap in seconds.
  • Also, always watch out for infantries sneaking up from behind for the same reason.