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Fulda Gap is the first mission in the ABLE ARCHER campaign.

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Reach the allied assembly zone +6 Star

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Soviet artillery +3 Star
  • Refuel the allied helicopters (Secret objective) +2 Star
  • Link up with the German survivors in the North +2 Star
  • Link up with the American survivors in the South +2 Star

Flash Messages Edit

  • To all isolated NATO units. Büdingen line has been abandoned. Regroup at Hammersbach.
  • Hamburg has fallen. BAOR falling back to Weser line.
  • 6. Panzergrenadier Division surrounded and crushed in Kiel. South Denmark invaded.
  • Soviet troops failed to get a foothold on the beaches of Norway. Amphibious assault repelled with heavy loses.
  • A group of survivors from 66th Armoured Regiment joined our unit.
  • We have made contact with a isolated group from Jägerbatallion 26. They have joined us.

Trivia Edit

Fulda countryside 320px

The Fulda Gap is a strategic pathway through central Germany. A lightly forested rolling plain (and excellent terrain for tanks) between the wooded mountain ranges of Knüllgebirge to the North and the long Thüringer Wald barrier to the South, it would have been one of the Warsaw Pact's main axis of attack as it gives fast access to the Main and Rhine rivers, the financial centre Frankfurt, and one of the main U.S. reinforcement hubs at the Rhein-Main Air Base.

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