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Ground Attack Aircraft are fixed-wing aircraft, able to efficiently assault enemy ground units, whether it be 

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through attack through their main gun, the bombing of a position or through guided anti-armor missiles.

Types of Ground Attack AircraftEdit

While these aircraft are represented in whole as dedicated ground attack fixed-wing aircraft, it is important to know the different types of these units.

Direct Ground Attack Aircraft

  • ATGM attackers, aircraft relying on ATGM air-to-ground weapon systems in attacking armored hostiles. Generally accurate and deadly offset by their poor manuverablity and slow rate-of-fire. Some carry other ordinance such as further AA personal defense missiles and powerful guns.
  • Rocket attackers, aircraft armed with rocket batteries allowing them to severly stun clustered forces. Some are armed with smoke rockets, able to dispatch smoke for tactical implacement. Some carry other ordinance such as further AA personal defense missiles and powerful guns.


  • Cluster bombers, bombers that drop HEAT cluster bombs, able to effectively kill immobilised infantry and maim enemy armor.
  • HE bombers, bombers that disperse high-explosive bombs, causing massive damage to infantry and decimating cover of all sorts. Some carry further smoke bombs.
  • Napalm bombers, bombers that deliver napalm loads, able to block roads, deny areas, destroy foliage, cause devastating suppression and suspend enemy assaults.

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