Gameicon WRD
HongQi 7
WRD Screenshot HQ-7 3
Nation Flag China China
Class Anti-aircraft Missile
Variant(s) HQ-61A
Cost 60 Supply
Armor Front 1 / Side 1 / Rear 1 / Top 1
Icon WALB Strength 10
Size Medium
Icon WRD Air Detection Very Good
Speed 70 km/h
Road Speed 150 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Poor
Fuel Capacity 400 L
Icon WALB Autonomy 500 km
Icon WALB Year 1985
Icon WALB Type Marines, Airborne, Motorized, Support
SAM Crotale (Infrared)

The HongQi (Red Flag/Banner) 7 or HQ-7 (紅旗七號飛彈) is a Chinese short-range air defense missile that first appeared in Wargame: Red Dragon.

Weapon Edit

Weapons WRD Icon Crotale
Type SAM No Weapon No Weapon
Name Crotale
Caliber Infrared
Ammo x 4
Range Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = 3325 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = 2625 m
Accuracy 60%
Icon WRD Stabilizer N/A
AP Power N/A
HE Power 6
Icon WALB Suppression 240
Rate of fire 20 s r/min


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