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Gameicon WEE
Hell's Highway
Hells Highway sat
General info
Location Hanover Highway Junction
Environment Temperate
Affiliation West Germany
Battlefield info
Recommended Players 2 - 4
Starting Zones 2
Capture Zones 6
Reinforcement Zones 4
Mission(s) Crossroads

Hell's Highway is a 2-4 player battlefield with 2 starting zones, 6 capture zones, and 4 reinforcement zones.


Starting zones:

  • 1. Alpha/?: The starting position of the PACT player.
  • 1. Hotel/?: The starting position of the NATO player.
  • (These may be switched sometimes)

Reinforcement zones:

  • 2. Bravo/Boris
  • 2. Foxtrot/Fedor

Capture zones:

  • 3. Charlie/?
  • 3. Golf/Gregory
  • 4. Echo/Elena
  • 4. Delta/Dimitri


Popular strategies that can be used by both NATO and Warsaw Pact players:

  • Have some forces in Foxtrot/Fedor and Golf/Gregory or Charlie/? and Bravo/Boris (depending on the team) and gradually push on.
  • Use a Helicopter Force to flank around the east side of the map and destroy/capture the enemy's main "base".
  • Drop off Special Forces in the buildings at the Bravo/Boris reinforcement point. (Or send an armoured assault.)
  • Send a few units of infantry to secure the forests of Delta/Dimitri or Echo/Elena.
  • Strong infantry rushes. (Using VAB's, FUCH's, or SKOT's.)
  • Order a combined Armour, Infantry, Supplies, AA, and Heli rush to 'Move Fast" towards the enemy base.
  • Use artillery to lockdown regions and shock hostiles.


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