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Infantry are the branch of an army who fight on foot — soldiers specifically trained to engage, fight, and defeat the enemy in face-to-face combat; infantrymen thus bear the brunt of warfare, and suffer the greatest number of casualties. Historically, as the oldest branch of the combat arms, the infantry are the backbone of a modern army, and continually undergo training that is more stressful and demanding than that of any other branch of the combat arms, or of the army. The infantry’s greater emphasis upon discipline, physical fitness, and psychological strength develop reflexive skills that allow the spontaneous deployment of sustained aggression and violence, which make a weapon-system of the infantryman, whether armed or unarmed.

Infantry appear in Wargame: European Escalation and Wargame: AirLand Battle as a unit class.

Red Dragon introduced the new "infantry era" system wherein infantry units would now be able to update their weaponry to whatever category of deck they were put in. For example, the Diggers of the ANZAC faction would now switch their jungle fatigues out for AUSCAM and wield the Australian produced version of the Steyr AUG the F88 Austeyr.

Infantry are split into 6 classes as of Red Dragon.

Rifle SquadEdit

The basic foundation of any army.

Consist of 4 types of Squads. Line, Shock/Heavy, Light and Reserve.

Line infantryEdit

They are armed with average infantry weapons like an assault or battle rifle as well as a LAW and a Machine gun. Suited to eliminating other infantry and weakening armored targets.


Shock/Heavy infantryEdit

They are armed with slightly better weapons, have more stealth, but are lacking in numbers and should be used to scout urban regions and/or set ambush points. 


  • Legion (Note: as of Red Dragon, Legion is now a light infantry unit.)

Light infantry Edit

Unofficially introduced in Wargame: AirLand BattleWargame: Red Dragon made them an official unit type. They are armed with the similar average weapons to line infantry, unlike line infantry however they carry ATGMs instead of LAWs.


Reserve infantryEdit

The weakest type of infantry unit, they are usually armed with sub-par infantry weapons like bolt-action rifles and weak LAWs. However, Danish reserves are the exception, unlike their counterparts they do not sacrifice Quality for quantity.


Special ForcesEdit

Special Forces are the most expensive, but also frequently the most effective and powerful infantry available ingame. They are armed with an assortment of powerful weapons ranging from carbines, accurate and hard-hitting LAWs as well as frequently a Machinegun capable of CQC, making them a potent and versatile force. They are also very fast on the move, running at 28km/h or 33km/h, allowing to stay mobile where transports cannot go.

They are split into two kinds, Commando Squads and Recon Special Forces.

Commando SquadsEdit

The "standard" special forces unit, well armed and capable of tearing through infantry, the Spetsnaz of the Soviet Union deserve special mention, they are armed with an incendiary rocket launcher, making them similar to an engineer squad, and allowing them to tear through infantry in close-quarters combat.


Recon Special ForcesEdit

They are much like their more "standard" brethren, except that along with being well-armed, Recon Special Forces have very good optics in addition to being capable of performing their own ambushes, making them highly versatile units that can operate behind enemy lines.


Recon TeamEdit

Recon teams are not classified under infantry in the Wargame series, and instead are classified under Recon. Recon teams are the eyes and ears of an army, providing intelligence on enemy movement well ahead of the main force, for that most have very good optics and above. They are similarly armed to normal Line infantry, although some have MANPADs.


Anti-Tank TeamEdit

A team of infantry armed with basic infantry weapons and effective anti-armor weapons. Best suited for maiming and eliminating armored targets.

They are split into ATGM infantry, and as of Wargame: Red Dragon, Fire Support Teams.

ATGM infantryEdit

ATGM infantry carry a single ATGM launcher along with basic infantry weapons, their effectiveness varies greatly.


Fire Support TeamEdit

Unofficially called "tank hunters" in AirLand Battle. They are a dedicated team centered around the most powerful man-portable Recoiless Rifles, in Red Dragon, they are capable of firing either AP or HE rounds, rendering them effective against both armor and infantry.


Anti-Aircraft TeamEdit

Otherwise known as MANPADs teams, they are a team of infantry armed with basic infantry weapons and anti-aircraft weapons whose effectiveness varies greatly like their ATGM counterparts.


Engineers SquadEdit

A squad of basic infantry armed with basic infantry weapons as well as napalm rocket launchers or Flamethrowers, they are used to shock enemy units, flush hostile infantry out of buildings and cover and burn thick forest and brush.


Command SquadEdit

Introduced in Wargame: Red Dragon, the command squad is essentially an infantry equivalent of command vehicles, although as infantry they are stealthier but also more vulnerable. Armed with an Battle or Assault rifle and a machine gun.



Infantry are VERY soft targets. Easily taking heavy damage from HE attacks and completely getting wiped out from the strongest HE attacks, as such they are best positioned in cover such as building and even thick forest, transports should be used to move them around for extra speed unless they are special forces.

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