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The tension is at its peak between the two Germanies. Border guards report a skirmish in the area of Grafhorst. West German Intelligence has detected Panzerausbildungsregiment 19 movement not far from the border. The Panzerbrigade 2 is put on alert. Border guard confirm a violation of the territory of the Federal Republic by the East Germans. The Chancellery in Bonn declares a state of war...
- Briefing

Werner Weinhold Incident



Iron Curtain
Iron curtain thumb

Brüder gegen Brüder


December 21st, 1975


Grafhorst, West Germany


West German victory. East Germany launches full-scale invasion of West Germany.


Brd West Germany

Ddr East Germany


Brd Panzerbrigade 2 Commander



Brd Panzerbrigade 2

Ddr Pz.Ausb.Rgt 19




Iron Curtain is the first mission in the Brüder gegen Brüder campaign and in Wargame: European Escalation. You play as the Panzerbrigade 2 of West Germany fending off against the East Germans crossing the border.


Main Objectives:

  • Eliminate enemy’s units which attack sector Charlie +1 Star
  • Recon sector Bravo +1 Star
  • Eliminate enemies in Bravo sector +2 Star
  • Destroy enemy’s outpost in sector Alpha +3 Star

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy enemy headquarter in checkpoint +1 Star
  • Avoid losses in control units +4 Star


After Werner Weinhold shot two East German border guards trying to defect to West Germany, East Germany demanded that the West return him to the East to stand trial. However, West Germany refused. Soon tensions began to rise, both Germanies put their militaries on alert. Now the two countries were just staring at each other, and waited to see who would make the first move. Tensions evolved into open conflict when reports came in about a skirmish around Grafhorst near the border between the countries. East Germany sent its Pz.Ausb.Rgt.19 across the border into the West, a few minutes later the West declared both Germanies were now in a state of war. The West sent Panzerbrigade 2, one of its best mechanized divisions, to deal with the invasion force. At the start of the battle only four West German Leopard 1A1 tanks were sent into the battle. East German mechanized units were able to push back the infantry on border patrol, before they could advance any futher Panzerbrigade 2 was able to destroy all the East German armor a few seconds after they got off the bridge at the border. Despite destroying one NVA mechanized squad, the battle was not over, only one bridge was secured, there were still two more bridges that East German forces could use to cross over into the West. A recon vehicle from Panzerbrigade 2 was sent to investigate BRAVO sector where another bridge was located. The recon vehicle reported more East German tanks and APCs. Panzerbrigade 2 soon moved in on BRAVO sector to clear out all NVA armor, they were successful, another mechanized squad was destroyed and the second bridge was secured. After securing the second bridge Panzerbrigade 2 got some reinforcements to help repel the NVA assault. West German command gave new orders to Panzerbrigade 2, the NVA had an FOB set up at a border checkpoint on the East German side of the river, and the NVA had created a bridgehead in ALPHA sector, where the town of Grafhorst and the third and final bridge was located. Panzerbrigade 2 then split into two squads, one squad would cross over the border into East Germany and deal with the FOB, the second squad would destroy the bridgehead and push back East German forces. Both moves were successful, with Grafhorst now free of enemies, Panzerbrigade 2 secured the last bridge. The East German Pz.Ausb.Rgt.19 started to withdraw from the area.


  1. Eliminate enemy’s units which attack sector Charlie : You are start with 4 Leopard 1A1 in the south. Group them all and start heading to the north. In some moment you will see hill on the left side of the road. Get there and place tanks in the north edge. In this position you will be able to shooting into the enemy from safe position. You will complete this task after destroy all enemy vehicles.
  2. Recon sector Bravo : After that you will gain recon vehicle which will arrive from the south. Move it to the north. Now you only have to trace enemy units in the north.
  3. Eliminate enemies in Bravo sector : Continue heading north with recon vehicle ahead. Eliminate all enemy units near the bridge and one tank on the other side of the river (picture below). It’s important to destroy it, because if you forget about it you won’t be able to complete this task. After get rid of the enemy continue to the north. You will encounter some tanks near the forest in the north and assault of APC and infantry from the west. Keep them at the distance and you will easily destroy them.
  4. Destroy enemy headquarter in checkpoint : When Bravo sector is secured you will gain two supply trucks which will arrive from the west. Place them near your units and they will resupply them fuel, ammo and repair damages. You will also gain possibility to buy new units. You only have to click on the pull-down menu in the left top corner. Use it to buy four more Leopard tanks. Place your tanks near the bridge and send recon vehicle on the other bank of the river. When you encounter enemy vehicles start returning to panzer units. When enemy get on the bridge he will became an easy target for tanks. After crushing main defensive lines move all the army on the second bank and capture FOB. Resupply your units.
  5. Destroy enemy’s outpost in sector Alpha : After resupply units back on the previous bank and move to the north with recon vehicle ahead. Near town look out for enemy units on the right and left sides. Locate them with recon and shoot down from distance with tanks. If you get any damages use supply trucks to repair it. Move toward town and eliminate enemies hide behind the hedge near street. Destroy them all and the mission will end.


While both German armies engaged each other, the U.S. and the USSR refused to get involved in the conflict, but the two superpowers demanded that both East and West Germany negotiate a ceasefire. Despite the victory achieved by Panzerbrigade 2 in repelling the NVA assault, news started to pour in that more skirmishes were taking place all along the border. The news got even worse, East Germany had launched a full-scale invasion. The West German military prepared to mount a defensive.

Flash Message Edit

  • The first Panzerbrigade units are arriving in the area.
  • 1. Panzerdivision covering South Wolfsburg. Clash with NVA mechanised units.
  • Washington and Moscow refuse to intervene. Call for immediate cease-fire.
  • NVA breakthrough in sector 3. Panzerdivision. Counter attack in progress...
  • Intelligence confirms partial rupture of communications in sector 19. MRD.

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