Icon WRD

K-511 Cargo
K-511 Cargo
Nation Flag South Korea South Korea
Class Supply Vehicle
Cost 15 Supply
Armor Front 0 / Side 0 / Rear 0 / Top 0
Icon WALB Strength 5
Size Medium


Speed 90 km/h
Road Speed 150 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Bad
Fuel Capacity 800 L
Icon WALB Year 1970
Icon WALB Type Marines, Mechanized, Armored, Motorized, Support

K-511 Cargo is a South Korean Supply Truck that first appears in Wargame: Red Dragon.

Overview Edit

The K-511 is a supply truck available to South Korea. It is a 15-point, 800-supply option, making it the more expensive option for a Blue Dragons deck, but it also carries the largest amount of supplies. In comparison to some other nation's supply units, the K-511 Cargo carries a small/medium amount of supplies. Unlike more expensive supply trucks, the K-511 has fewer supply overall per card, but the higher number of trucks means that more units can be resupplied simultaneously, reducing the micro needed to handle a more high-value supply unit.

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