Gameicon WAB Gameicon WRD
WALB Ka-29TB 2
Nation Flag Soviet Union Soviet Union
Class Transport Helicopter
Cost 40 Supply
Armor Front 1 / Side 1 / Rear 1 / Top 0
Icon WALB Strength 10
Size Big


Speed 270 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Poor
Fuel Capacity 1500 L
Icon WALB Autonomy 750 km
Icon WALB Year 1980
Icon WALB Type Marines, Airborne
Gatling Gun GShG-7.62 (7.62mm)
Rocket Pod S-80FP (80mm)

The Ka-29TB is an upgraded variant, designed for assault transport, of the Soviet naval infantry Ka-27 anti-submarine warfare helicopter. Although it performed its maiden flight in 1979, the Ka-29 was only accepted into service in 1984. Lightly armoured, and armed with a GShG-7.62 gatling gun in the nose and four 80mm rocket pods, it is the fits in between the Mi-8 & the Mi-24A in the Soviet transport helicopter arsenal. Being a Soviet Navy helicopter, it can only transport Marine units, such as Morskaya Pehota and Spetsnaz VMF, and some support infantry.

Weapons Edit

Weapons WRD Icon GShG-7.62 WRD Icon S-80FP
Type Gatling Gun Rocket Pod No Weapon
Name GShG-7.62 S-80FP
Caliber 7.62mm 80mm
Ammo x 1800 x 80
Range Ground = 1050 m
Helicopters = 1050 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = 2100 m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Accuracy 20% 30%
Icon WRD Stabilizer 10% 10%
AP Power N/A N/A
HE Power 1 2
Icon WALB Suppression 36 164
Rate of fire 1052 r/min 136 r/min


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