Gameicon WRD
Kuznetsov Air Brigade
Country Soviet Union
Type Air Assault Brigade
Part of Kuznetsov Naval Group
Subordinate(s) DShV Regiment

319th Helicopter Regiment
Naval Anti-Ship Company
DShV Recon Company

Appearances Climb Mount Narodnaia

The Kuznetsov Air Brigade is one of the battlegroups that can be deployed in the Climb Mount Narodnaia campaign of Wargame: Red Dragon.


This battlegroup is immediately available on deploying the Kuznetsov Naval Group, they prove to be great asset in seizing the airfield at Gobo as they pound the Japanese heavy tanks into submission, the serve admirably for the rest of the campaign, performing deep strikes on battlefield to kill enemy commanders.


DShV RegimentEdit

Kuznetsov-based helicopter-borne VDV battalion. Includes infantry and combat aircraft. Its Mi-4AVs are outdated, but when combined with Mi-24Ds, they form a rapid and mobile strike force.

The battalion is as capable of securing cities with its infantry as of striking tanks with its missiles.

It costs 15 points to deploy and consists of:

319th Helicopter RegimentEdit

The Kuznetsov's attack helicopter squadron is equipped with a whole set of rockets and anti-tank missiles.

This formidable strike force can support a ground offensive and strike enemy tanks. Beware aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons.

It costs 20 points to deploy, and consists of:

Naval Anti-Ship CompanyEdit

This anti-ship helicopter squadron has Kh-31A missiles, but it is vulnerable to enemy ship air defense.

Ideally, combine their missiles with those of allied ships or planes in order to overwhelm your target's defense.

It costs 5 points to deploy and consists of:

DShV Recon CompanyEdit

This helicopter-borne recce company is extremely mobile and partly armed.

The aircraft ensure quality reconnaissance, but they are vulnerable to fighters and air defense.

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Battlegroup is unlocked along with the Kuznetsov Air Group and Kuznetsov Marine Brigade once Kuznetsov Naval Group is deployed.
  • The 319th Helicopter Regiment is the only source of heavy-enough firepower to beat the Armored Training Battalion with its 16 Kyu-Maru Shikis early in the campaign, deploy them quickly and assault together with the infantry regiment in Osaka.
  • If you can manage your 1 Mi-24K in the helicopter regiment well, you won't need to deploy the recon company.
  • The ASM helicopter company is a good and fairly cheap way of getting some extra ASMs out for a full salvo when Task Force Enterprise arrives, you can even sacrifice them to distract the enemy ship's CIWS.


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