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Kuznetsov Marine Brigade
Country Soviet Union
Type Amphibious Assault Group
Part of Kuznetsov Naval Group
Subordinate(s) Independent Naval Regiment

345th VDV Regiment
Independent VDV Regiment

Appearances Climb Mount Narodnaia

The Kuznetsov Marine Brigade is one of the major battegroups in the Climb Mount Narodnaia campaign of Wargame: Red Dragon.


Unlocked when the Kuznetsov Naval Group is deployed, the Kuznetsov Marine Brigade initiated the landing at Nankoku, opening up a new area that could be used as a staging point for more attacks into Japan, in doing so freeing up the 2nd Guards Tank Division for deployment. They serve with distinction for the remainder of the war, fighting off the American reinforcements.


Independent Naval RegimentEdit

This powerful marine regiment includes infantry, T-55 tanks, flame-throwing tanks and anti-tank vehicles. Do not neglect its barges equipped with rocket launchers.

This flexible force can land on the most challenging beaches.

This unit costs 20 points to deploy, and consists of:

345th VDV RegimentEdit

This VDV battalion comes with BTR-ZDs with autocannons for close support and longer-range Igla and Strela missiles.

It is effective for short-range air defence.

This unit costs 20 points to deploy, and consists of:

Independent VDV RegimentEdit

This VDV regiment has excellent Konkurs missiles that are effective against heavy tanks.

Use these paratroopers for ambushing enemy tanks.

This unit costs 20 points to deploy, and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The Naval Regiment is the one you want to assault Nankoku, it is the only formation on the southern side of Japan with tanks in its lineup.
  • The two VDV regiments are virtually identical except for whether you want AA or AT capability.