LO-1800 Robur FASTA-4
WargameAB Robur-3
Nation Flag East Germany East Germany
Class Anti-Air Vehicle
Primary FASTA-4 (Strela-3)

available to Warsaw Pact forces, the LO-1800 Robur is an East German anti-air vehicle in Wargame: AirLand Battle.


Robur was a marque of the Volkseigener Betrieb VEB Robur-Werke Zittau of East Germany (GDR). It mainly produced 3-ton trucks. The vehicles were produced in the town of Zittau in what now is South-East Saxony. Until 1946, company produced under the marque Phänomen, and until 1957 under the name VEB Phänomen Zittau.

The FASTA-4 was developed in 1979 by the Volksmarine (East German Navy) as a mean of AA close-defense for its ships. It is basically a quad-Strela-2 launcher, but was later improved to fire Strela-3 in its FASTA-4M variant. That same year, the VM motorized the FASTA by mounting it on LO-1800 truck to provide naval bases with cheap and mobile AA defense.


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