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M3 Bradley CFV
WEE M3BradleyCFV
Nation Flag United States United States
Class Armored Recon
Variant(s) M3A1 Bradley CFV, M3A2 Bradley CFV
Cost 45 Supply
Armor Front 2 / Side 2 / Rear 1 / Top 1
Icon WALB Strength 10
Size Medium

Very Good

Speed 65 km/h
Road Speed 110 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Medium
Fuel Capacity 750 L
Icon WALB Autonomy 480 km
Icon WALB Year 1981
Icon WALB Type Mechanized, Armored, Motorized
Autocannon Bushmaster (25mm)

The M3 Bradley CFV (Cavalry Fighting Vehicle) is an American tracked armored reconnaissance vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems Land and Armaments based on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle family. The M3 CFV is used by heavy armored cavalry units in the U.S. Army.

The M3 Bradley allows the access to unlock the M3A1 Bradley CFV.

In reality, the M3 Bradley is armed with one M240 light machine gun (not included in-game) one M242 25mm auto cannon and one twin tube TOW ATGM launcher.


The M3 Bradley was originally developed to accommodate a scout motorcycle. The idea was abandoned when it became apparent that the cycle's unprotected fuel tank could be hazardous to crewmembers.

The M3 Bradley CFV is very similar to the M2 Bradley IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) and only varies from it in a few subtle ways and by role. The M3 is classified as an armored reconnaissance and scout vehicle and does away with the firing ports as found on the M2 series. The M3 Bradley varies from the M2 in that it also handles more in the way of ammunition for its 25mm, 7.62mm and TOW missile weapons. Additionally, the M3 system is fielded with the same powerful two-man 25mm cannon turret with the 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

The Bradley family as a whole was originally intended to support the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), but ended up replacing it altogether. Today, the Bradley is fielded in conjunction with the M1 Abrams series of main battle tanks and often accompanies infantry squads into combat. In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, the Bradley and her powerful 25mm cannon / TOW anti-tank missile combination accounted for more enemy tanks destroyed than that of the M1 Abrams. At least seventeen of the system were lost to friendly fire however, with only three lost to enemy fire. Improvements to the Bradley family have included enhanced identification features as well as anti-tank missile countermeasures (for first generation wire-guided missiles only) and improved armor protection in the form of ERA.

It is the U.S Army's intention that the BCT Ground Combat Vehicle Program replace the M2 Bradley and M113 with the GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicle by 2018.

The M3 Bradley could later be replaced with future variants of the GCV.


European Escalation Edit

Type ATGM Autocannon No Weapon
Name TOW Bushmaster
Caliber SACLOS 25mm
Ammo x 12 x 900
Range Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Accuracy 8 4
Icon WRD Stabilizer N/A N/A
AP Power 10 1
HE Power 0 1
Icon WALB Suppression N/A N/A
Rate of fire 10 r/min 150 r/min

Red Dragon Edit

Weapons WRD Icon TOW WRD Icon Bushmaster
Type ATGM Autocannon No Weapon
Name TOW Bushmaster
Caliber SACLOS 25mm
Ammo x 12 x 900
Range Ground = 2625 m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = 1750 m
Helicopters = 1575 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Accuracy 50% 50%
Icon WRD Stabilizer N/A 25%
AP Power 15 2
HE Power N/A 1
Icon WALB Suppression 150 58
Rate of fire 10 s r/min 204 r/min

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