McDonnell Douglas
MD500 Defender
Nation Flag of Denmark Denmark
Armor Front 0 / Side 0 / Rear 0 / Top 0
Size Normal
Speed 217 km/h
Operational Range 509 km
Icon WALB Type Recon Helicopter (?)

The Danish MD500 Defender is expected to appear in Wargame: AirLand Battle, possibly serving as a recon helicopter available to NATO forces.

One of the world's most successful and useful light turbine helicopters, the Hughes/McDonnell Douglas/MD Helicopters 500 series began life as Hugheswon the US Army observation helicopter contest with the YOH-6A Cayuse, which first flew in February 1963.

The engineering and certification designation for all military and civil variants of this helicopter type is Hughes Model 369. It was offered in basic five and seven seat configurations.


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