Gameicon WRD
Mi-2 URP-G Gniewosz
WRD Mi-2 URP-G Gniewosz lr
Nation Flag Poland Poland
Class ATGM / AA Helicopter
Cost 45 Supply
Armor Front 0 / Side 0 / Rear 0 / Top 0
Icon WALB Strength 4
Size Very small


Speed 200 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Poor
Fuel Capacity 600 L
Icon WALB Autonomy 350 km
Icon WALB Year 1982
Icon WALB Type Airborne, Mechanized, Armored, Motorized, Support
Autocannon NS-23 (23mm)
ATGM Malyutka-P (SACLOS)
SAM(AAM?) Strela-2M (Infrared)

The Mi-2 is a small, lightly armored turbine-powered transport helicopter that was produced exclusively in Poland. The helicopter was designed by the Soviet Union in order to improve its predecessor, the Mi-1 helicopter. In 1965 the Mi-2 went into production in Poland and by 1998, 5,497 Mi-2s were produced.

Military Mi-2s are usually armed with a 23mm NS-23 cannon, however the URPG Gniewosz variant of the Mi-2 is equipped with four Strela-2 Anti-Aircraft missiles mounted on two Gad rocket launchers. 

Red DragonEdit

Weapons WRD Icon NS-23 WRD Icon Malyutka-P WRD Icon Strela-2M
Type Autocannon ATGM SAM(AAM?)
Name NS-23 Malyutka-P Strela-2M
Caliber [KE] [AoE]
[AoE] [F&F]
Ammo x 150 x 4 x 4
Range Ground = 1575 m
Helicopters = 1575 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = 2450 m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = 2100 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = 1680 m
Accuracy 15% 40% 30%
Icon WRD Stabilizer 5% 30 30%
AP Power 2 15 N/A
HE Power 1 N/A 3
Icon WALB Suppression 53 150 120
Rate of fire 450 r/min 1s r/min 20s r/min

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