Gameicon WRD
Panzerbrigade 14
WRD Panzerbrigade 14 insignia
Country West Germany
Type Armored Brigade
Subordinate(s) 64th Panzer Regiment

72nd Air Defense Company
12th Artillery Company

Appearances Second Korean War

Panzerbrigade 14 is one of the major battlegroups that can be deployed in the Second Korean War campaign.


Representing the West German contribution to the war, panzerbrigade 14 arrives rather late to the fray and sees much less action compared to their allies. Their heavy Leopard 2A5s provide the firepower necessary to take down their REDFOR counterparts.


64th Panzer RegimentEdit

First regiment equipped with a Leopard 2A5 tank platoon, supported by several lighter Leopard 1A5s and a strong, well armed, and very fast recon force.

Deploy this unit as a priority against a heavily armored enemy, by using the light 1A5s as a flank guard for the heavier 2A5s. However, limit your losses, as these heavy tanks are very valuable.

It costs 50 points to deploy and consists of:

72nd Air Defense CompanyEdit

Bundeswehr's anti-aircraft defense company comprised of Gepard vehicles armed with 30mm cannons and supported by two Roland 3 medium range missile throwers.

Use to support your armor or your infantry against helicopters and slow airplanes, or use the Gepard as direct fire support against light vehicles and infantry in open terrain.

It costs 20 points to deploy and consists of:

12th Artillery CompanyEdit

The Bundeswehr's MLRS artillery company uses Mars armored vehicles, capable of launching several anti-tank cluster bomb rockets on an extended area.

With this equipment, you are guaranteed to destroy all light and medium armor located in the target area.

It costs 20 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • There is no activation cue for this battlegroup, so if you wish to get your heavy tanks rolling you'll need to check your list of deployments when turn 13 hits.
  • Arguably less useful than the Leclerc tank battalion as the Leopard 2A5 does not have the 12r/m that allows the Leclerc to simply decimate entire groups of vehicles rapidly, so you can leave them out of the fight unless you just want the extra punch.


See alsoEdit

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