Gameicon WEE
Panzerbrigade 2
Country West Germany
Type Armored Brigade
Appearances Brüder gegen Brüder

The Panzerbrigade 2 (English: Armoured Brigade 2) is the West German NATO Brigade commanded by the player in the campaign Brüder gegen Brüder.


The actual brigade itself was formed on July 2nd, 1956 in Brunswick, West Germany. The brigade was later out of service in March 31st, 1993.

The brigade formed in 1956 in Hanover Bothfeld (Scharnhorst Barrack as a battle group A 1 as part of the first Infantry Division set up. Initially, the grenadier battalions placed under 1 and 21, 1958, the infantry battalions, 11 and 61 and the 1st Tank Battalion First conscripts were first April 1957 convened.

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