Gameicon WRD
Dassault Rafale C F1
Rafale icon
Nation Flag of France France
Class Air Superiority Fighter
Cost 180 Supply
Armor Front 0 / Side 0 / Rear 0 / Top 0
Icon WALB Strength 10
Icon WALB ECM 50%
Icon WRD Air Detection Exceptional
Speed 1000 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Medium
Fuel Capacity 3000 L
Icon WRD T.O.T. 90 s
Icon WALB Year 1991
Icon WALB Type Airborne, Mechanized, Armored, Motorized, Support
Icon WALB Prototype Yes
Autocannon GIAT 30/719B (30mm)

The Rafale F1 is an Air Superiority Fighter for France that first appeared in Wargame: Red Dragon.


The Rafale C is a twin-engine, single-seat, multi-role fighter manufactured by Dassault Aviation. Developed since 1984, the Rafale was designed to fill the need for a carrier-capable fighter after France pulled out of the European Fighter Aircraft collaboration that eventually led to the EF-2000. The prototype of the Rafale first flew in 1986, and was eventually developed into several different types, including the Rafale C which would be used by the French Air Force, and the Rafale M, which would be used by the French Navy to replace the F-8E Crusader.

The Rafale C first flew in 1991 and finally entered service in 2001. The type has superb maneuverability, compatibility with the latest generation of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, laser guided bombs and other munitions, as well as reconnaissance pods. It carries an Active Electronically Scanned Phased Array Radar, advanced jamming systems, and data fusion systems in the cockpit to reduce pilot workload.


Red DragonEdit

The Rafale C is a Prototype Air Superiority Fighter available to French and EUROCORPs decks. The type features exceptional ECM (50%) and Medium stealth, increasing its survivability against long range AAMs and SAMs. It can face down any threat fighter thanks to its defensive characteristics combined with its advanced missile compliment. The Rafale C carries ten air to air missiles, split into six short-range MICA IR, and four long-range MICA EM AAMs. The type has a tight turn circle, and tactical flexibility is added thanks to its internal 30mm GIAT cannon, though it carries very few rounds (50). The only major drawback of the Rafale C is its high cost. At 180 points per aircraft, it is worth sending several less expensive fighters to swarm and engage.


Weapons WRD Icon GIAT 30 719B WRD Icon MICA IR WRD Icon MICA EM
Type Autocannon AAM AAM
Caliber 30mm AoE, F&F AoE, F&F
Ammo x 50 x 6 x 4
Range Ground = 2100 m
Helicopters = 1575 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = 2800 m
Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = 2100 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = 4200 m
Ground = N/A m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = 7000 m
Accuracy 40% 65% 65%
Icon WRD Stabilizer 40% 65% 65%
AP Power N/A N/A N/A
HE Power 1 5 5
Icon WALB Suppression 60 200 200
Rate of fire 130 r/min 30 r/min 30 r/min


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