In Wargame: AirLand Battle, Recon Team are coventional recon infantry. In Wargame: Red Dragon, units that were Recon Teams in Wargame: AirLand Battle were renamed to Recon Squad.

In Wargame: Red Dragon, a Recon Team is an elite or shock squad of infantry, trained for reconnaissance purposes. They are part of the recon class and are one of the two available infantry recon. Recon teams come in 2 different forms

  • A 2 man recon team, armed with average infantry weapons, a light anti-armour weapon and or possibly a sniper or marksman rifle. They are usually elite or shock trained infantry and travel at a fast 25km/h.
  • A 5 man recon squad, essentially shock infantry with Very Good optics.
Their small numbers and average armaments means that they must stay hidden in buildings and cover, or be supported by other infantry and/or friendly armor.

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