Royal Hong Hong Regiment
Country Hong Kong
Type Infantry Regiment
Appearances Pearl of the Orient

The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) (RHKR(V)) (Chinese: 皇家香港軍團(義勇軍)), formed in May 1854, was a local auxiliary militia force funded and administered by the colonial Government of Hong Kong.

Description Edit

A Territorial Infantry regiment equipped with Saracen armored personnel carriers, Fox light reconnaissance vehicles, Rover WOMBAT armed with recoilless Rifles. The unit is lightweight and cheap, it is competent in urban combat, but lacks significant anti-tank and anti-air capability.

Composition Edit

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • The Royal Hong Kong Regiment is the largest and cheapest infantry formation of the Commonwealth Forces, it is best to deploy them in-depth in urban environments to ambush Chinese armored columns.
  • The Territorials are only militia and must be deployed as full units of four to be effective.
  • Logistical support is essential to maintain an effective blocking position, units must have ready resupply in the rear to ensure combat effectiveness and sustained fire.

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