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Supply helicopters are aerial supply units able quickly provide fuel, ammunition and repairs to allied units once it has landed and is stationary. They usually consist of transport or utility helicopters with logistical supply abilities

The NATO icon for supply helicopters

allowing them to re-arm friendly units. They may be armed with basic Machine Guns for defense depending on its cost.

Wargame: European escalationEdit

Wargame: AirLand BattleEdit

In AirLand Battle, supply choppers are available for both NATO and Warsaw Pact forces.

Supply choppers are excellent supply troops over distance, and can travel long distances, due to them being quicker and unaffected by terrain such as forests and hills. However it should be escorted by either tanks (for ground targets) or helicopters/fighter jets (in case of air targets). Their large size makes them easy targets for anti-aircraft units, but supply helicopters are slightly stronger than most high tier helicopters so the choppers can take some beating before they down.

List of Supply HelicoptersEdit



Wargame: Red DragonEdit

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