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Task Force Talon
The three units of Task Force Talon
  • 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
  • Panzerbrigade 29
  • Allied Mobile Force
Country NATO
Type Quick Reaction Force
Part of Central Army Group
Subordinate(s) *11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Appearances Escalation

Task Force Talon is an Army group consisting of three different units, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the 29th Panzerbrigade and the Allied Mobile Force. During the Fatal Error campaign, these three units were put together under one command to facilitate the repelling of the Warsaw Pact counteroffensive to relieve the city of Dresden, at that time under siege by NATO forces.

Trivia Edit

  • The unit's name is a reference to a previous game series by Eugen Systems called Act of War, where Task Force Talon is one of the main factions. The main protagonists in the campaigns of Act of War are also from Task Force Talon.

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