Gameicon WAB
WALB Trabant 1
Born to kill
Nation Flag East Germany East Germany
Primary M134 Minigun
Secondary HMG
Tertiary Mortar Launcher

The Trabant is a joke from Eugen Systems.

Available to PACT forces, the Trabant is an East German automobile. Being armed with two miniguns, a machine gun, and a mortar launcher, the Trabant is anti-, well, everything.[1]



  1. Unit of the Day (WAB version). [EUG]MadMat (April 18, 2013). Retrieved on April 18, 2013. “Do you mean disrespect for the People's car? Beta testers have asked for more sci-fi and "unchronical" vehicles, so welcome to "Wargame: Trabant's Fury!" (aka WTF!) ...”

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