Gameicon WEE
Faction Warsaw Pact
Type Main Gun
Caliber 115mm
Range 1925 m
Accuracy 3
AP Power 4
HE Power 3
Rate of fire 7/min
Ammo 30 rounds

The U-5TS (production designation 2A20) tank gun is a 115mm-calibre weapon that was fitted exclusively to the Soviet Union's T-62 main battle tank. It was the first smoothbore weapon designed for tanks and heralded the change in main armament from rifled cannons.

Another first with this gun was the use of armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot ammunition, with the initial 3VBM-1 rounds featuring steel penetrators. The subsequent development of this type of ammunition for this gun led to an array of penetrator designs and different materials with the final model, the 3UBM-13, using depleted uranium. In accordance with later Soviet and current Russian practice an anti-tank guided missile, the 9K118 Sheksna, has been developed for use with the T-62 and U-5TS. There is also HE-FRAG and HEAT ammunition available for this weapon.

Historical InaccuracyEdit

In-game, the T-55 main battle tank's main armament is the U-5TS, while historically, it uses D-10. The T-62 main battle tank uses the 2A20. It is unknown if this was intentional for balancing purposes or was an error made by the developers.


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