Gameicon WRD
USS Nimitz Air Group
Country United States
Type Naval Air Group
Commander(s) Captain Grafton
Subordinate(s) 135th SEAD Squadron

147th Multirole Squadron
154th Fighter Squadron
160th Strike Squadron

Appearances Busan Pocket

The USS Nimitz Air Group is one of the air groups that appears in the Busan Pocket campaign for Wargame: Red Dragon.


The USS Nimitz Air Group is immediately deploy-able on turn 3 with the arrival of the US Task Force escorted by the Carrier USS Nimitz, they go on to play a pivotal role in the campaign, deploying powerful aircraft to strike at North Korean ground targets and force back the Korean People's Air Force in support of advancing US forces.


135th SEAD SquadronEdit

1 of 2 pre-deployed squadrons, it is only slightly more useful than the fighter squadron due to its ability to clear out the few Radar AA pieces that the North Koreans have, but it overall still isn't needed.

It consists of:

147th Multirole SquadronEdit

Captain Grafton's squadron is the ideal tool to obliterate enemy tanks from the map. His F/A-18's Maverick missiles offer surgical precision.

Besides, Hornets can survive SAM attacks thanks to their electronic counter-measure system.

It costs 20 points to deploy and consists of:

154th Fighter SquadronEdit

1 of the 2 pre-deployed squadrons, it is completely useless as the North Koreans don't field many planes and the F-4 Phantom's missiles aren't very effective anyway. Any anti-air needs can easily be replaced by the F/A-18 squadron

It consists of:

160th Strike SquadronEdit

These old A-7 Corsair IIs will be tasked to give you napalm support that you will need against North Korea's infantry.

They prove useful for flushing the enemy out or for covering your troops' advance!

It costs 10 points to deploy and consists of:

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The Multirole squadron of F/A-18s are the most important and should be deployed immediately as they are the only squadron who can get to Sokcho without reassigning the squadrons to Seoul, enabling you to keep up the offensive.
  • None of the other squadrons are of much use, the fighter squadron cannot actually do air-to-air combat very well, the SEAD squadron is of limited utility as the North Koreans have few Radar AA pieces (although they can still be used to clear a path for your helicopter squadron), while the napalm squadron can help with clearing blobs, like all the others it cannot reach Sokcho without first assigning it to Seoul, wasting precious time.


  • 147th Squadron's commander is most likely a nod to Jake Grafton, a fictional US Navy Pilot starring in the series of military fiction novels written by Stephen Coonts.


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