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US Air Force
WRD US Air Force insignia
Aim High...Fly-Fight-Win
Country United States
Type Air group
Subordinate(s) 44-FS 'Vampires'

25-FS 'Assam Draggins'
415-FS 'Nightstalkers'

Appearances Second Korean War

The US Air Force is one of the major air groups that is available for deployment in the Second Korean War campaign.


Arriving late in the war, the US Air Force is not able to see much action before its end, although their planes still play a pivotal role in helping to control the skies and knocking out advancing soviet armored columns.


44-FS 'Vampires' Edit

US Air Force air superiority squadron comprised of ultra modern F-15C Eagle fighters.

These fast planes packed with electronics that give them a high survival rate in a hostile environment are ideal to take control of the skies from the enemy. Their air-to-air AMRAAM-120 missiles are formidable weapons of destruction at long-range.

It costs 35 points to deploy and consists of:

25-FS 'Assam Draggins' Edit

Armed with six Maverick missiles and one 30mm cannon the A-10 Thunderbolts are obviously excellent at anti-tank strikes. Moreover, they are exceptionally robust, which enables them tocontinue flying through a hail of lead.

Once they have launched their missiles they can still use their nose cannon against less armored targets.

It costs 30 points to deploy and consists of:

415-FS 'Nightstalkers' Edit

This squadron of the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing is equipped with F-117s, jewels of the US attack forces. The stealth bombers only become visible to the enemy at very short range and can drop their one ton bomb with unprecedented accuracy.

These planes can destroy any target or group of targets, but they are vulnerable to enemy jet fighters. Stealth does not mean invulnerability!

It costs 40 points to deploy and consists of :

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The A-10 squadron is made available first before the F-15 and F-117 squadrons, however you will not be alerted to the availability of the air group until the other two squadrons are made available.
  • By the time this air group is made available, you will easily have planes with far better capabilities than any of those in this air group. The Armée de l'Air will easily cover for air superiority needs while the Enterprise Task Forces F/A-18C and Harrier squadrons will have been busting tanks since the beginning of the war. The ANZAC Air Force does bombing duties far better than the F-117 anyway.


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