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War in the North

Invasion of Scandinavia


September 18, 1985





Warsaw Pact


NATO commander



3rd Commando Brigade, 5th Airborne Brigade, 4th MAB, Brigade Nord, 1st Infantry Brigade (UK), 5th CMBG, Landjut Reserve, 10th Mek Brigaden (Sweden), 7th PansarBrigaden (Sweden), 8th PansarBrigaden (Sweden), 9th PansarBrigaden (Sweden), 26th PansarBrigaden (Sweden), 401th Fogrb, 12th Brigade (Norway), 4th Brigade (Norway), 6th Brigade (Norway), 9e Dima, 199th Light Brigade, 18th PanzerBrigade, 2E Brigade Parachuste, 6E DBL, 20th Engineer Brigade (US), 1/101st Air Assualt 2/101st Air Assualt, 194th Armored Brigade, 1/82nd Airborne

22nd Special Airborne Regiment, Panzer Regiment 22, Motor-Schutzen-Regiment 9, 36th Air Assault, 234th Guards VDV Regiment, 237th Guards VDV Regiment, 227th Tank Regiment, 7th Naval Assault Division, 6th Air Assault Division, Panzer Regiment 21, Marine-Schutzen-Regiment 28, 104th Guards VDV Regiment, Assault Engineers Brigade, 61th Naval Brigade, 336th Naval Brigade, 362nd Guards Motorized Regiment, 365th Guards Motorized Regiment, 367th Guards Motorized Regiment, 32nd Mechanized Regiment, 16th Tank Regiment, 36th Air Assault Brigade, 75th Guards Tank Regiment, 510th independent Tank Brigade, 129th Guards Motorized Regiment, 131th Guards Motorized Regiment, 134th Motorized Guards Regiment, 345th independent VDV Regiment


Unknown (likely moderate)

Unknown (likely massive)

War in the North, is the 4th and the last campaign in Wargame: AirLand Battle. It takes place on September 18, 1985. The USSR and its allies have declared war on Sweden and started crossing its borders, effectively throwing this neutral country on NATO's side. Player takes the role of NATO commander who has to reorganize his troops and hold the line.

NATO Objective(s) Edit

Both Sides must break the enemy moral in less than 20 rounds.

NATO Secondary Objective(s) Edit

Retaining control of OSLO, Copenhagen & Stockholm.

Balance of Power Edit

Scenario balance favours PACT.

Background Edit

September 18th, 1985

The news have confirmed by all Western press agency: USSR & his allies have declared war on Sweden and started crossing its borders, effectively throwing this neutral country on NATO's side.

But for the latter, although thankful for this reinforcement, the strategic situation is grim.

While the Norwegian Army had hopes of holding the Trondheim bottleneck long enough for NATO reinforcements to arrive, the end of Sweden's neutrality now leave its flank completely open to Soviet manoeuvres.

The Swedish Army, the main mechanised force in the theatre, has not yet completely mobilised its forces: the Warsaw Pact won't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

For NATO, it is a matter of survival to reorganise a new defensive line and hold it long enough to regroup a counter-stake force strong enough to reverse the situation.

For the Warsaw Pact, to take advance of its initial superiority to inflict as much casualties as possible to the enemy.

And for both, control of airfield and harbours will be vital to keep the reinforcement coming... 

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