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This page contains the Wargame Wiki's Article layout guideline. It describes how content should be arranged on an article page to be organized and readable.


Unit articlesEdit

Example: M1A1 Abrams

When creating an article about a unit, be sure to first check that no other article of that same unit exists. If there is, contribute to that existing article instead. The title of article must be the full name of the unit in-game. Articles with titles such as "Abrams" instead of "M1 Abrams", will be marked for deletion or renamed to the appropriate page.

In general, articles should have the following sections, in the following order:

  • Games template: Template designated which game(s) the unit appears in.
  • UnitBox template: Infobox containing briefed summarized info about the unit.
  • Introductory paragraph: Short sentence providing the name, type, affiliation of the unit.
  • Overview: In-game information.
  • History: Section explaining the real world history of the unit. Since Wargame is set during the late Cold War, all real world history should be up to the end of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  • Weapons template: Template containing info on unit's armaments. If the unit does not have any weapons, skip this section.
  • Gallery: All images related to the unit, such as renders and screenshots, go here.
  • Trivia: Trivial information about the unit. Trivia must be in point form.
  • See Also: External and intrawiki links relating to the unit, such as Wikipedia.
  • Navbox template: Any applicable navboxes go at the end of the article. Navbox must be added in Source mode as {{"Nation" Arsenal}}.

Mission articlesEdit

Example: Iron Curtain
  • Games template: Template designated which game(s) the mission appears in.
  • WarBox template: Infobox containing briefed summarized info about the mission. Missions are to be treated somewhat as battles since they are part of the conflict in the game, thus why the WarBox template is used.
  • Background: Section about the events that lead to the mission.
  • Mission events: Section about the events that happened during the mission.
  • Objectives: List of primary and secondary objectives, use the objective template.
  • Walkthrough: Walkthrough for the mission.

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