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This is the Wargame Wiki's user conduct policy on how a user should behave, when he or she is editing, or interacting with fellow users.


  • The members on this wiki are NOT the developers of the games. If you want to add a suggestion to these games, it is recommended you do so on the official forums.
  • You must have at least a decent knowledge of the Cold War since the Wargame series is set during the late Cold War period.
  • If you want to participate with the community it is recommended that you played any of the Wargame games, or you are interested in getting into the series.
  • Try to not use profanity, as we are aiming to be mature and civilized.
  • Political and religious discussions are not allowed here. These types of discussions can result in flame wars and this wiki is primarily for gaming. Wargame is a non-political, non-biased video game series where it does not depict NATO/BLUFOR nor the Warsaw Pact/REDFOR as "good" or "evil".

Interacting with other users

  • Use common sense
  • All users should be respected regardless of gender, religion, nationality, etc.

Talk Pages

  • Talk pages are used for suggestions on improving the article, pointing out issues of the content, resolving editing wars, and other editing-related discussions. Discussions about speculations and suggestions for an upcoming game or relating to the real world should be discussed at the Wargame official forums.

User Pages

  • User pages can only be edited by their owners, unless permission is given to other users.
  • Do not post offensive content on your user page.


In some cases, should a user commit acts of trolling, spamming, vandalism, or any other offenses, they will be serving a block in a certain amount of time. Should they commit an offense again after their original block, their next block will be lengthened and so on to the point when their block is now permanent. This system only applies to low-level offenses, in which the user will be given 3 warnings before their initial block.

  • First offense - 3 days
  • Second offense - 1 week
  • Third offense - 1 month
  • Fourth offense - 6 months
  • Fifth offense - Permanent

List of low-level offenses

  • Spamming.
  • Removing content without approval.
  • Vandalism.
  • Tampering with high-use templates without a user test page and admin's approval.
  • Constantly making useless edits, such as adding useless verbosity (exceptions maybe made).

List of high-level offenses

Committing a high-level offense will result in permanent ban.

  • Offending a user, especially one with special privileges.
  • Revealing someone's identity without permission.
  • Posting disgusting images and/or pornography.
  • National hatred, discrimination, and support of extremist politics.
  • Vandalism on other wikis.

Extremities (such as posting highly disturbing content) will result in the administrators contacting the Wikia Staff, thus having the account to be disabled globally by Wikia.

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