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World War III
WargameEE MapofEurope 1983
Europe during 1983.
Blue: NATO affiliated states
Red: Warsaw Pact affiliated states
Stripes: Invaded by Warsaw Pact

World War III






Nuclear holocaust



Flag Warsaw Pact Custom Warsaw Pact


Usa Picket


Usa US Armed Forces
Fra French Armed Forces
Uk British Armed Forces Brd Bundeswehr

Cccp Soviet Armed Forces Ddr National People's Army




The 3rd World War was the major global conflict in Wargame between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Warsaw Pact throughout Europe.


After the end of World War II, the world has become rife with political tensions between NATO (western European countries and their North American allies), and the Warsaw Pact (the Soviet bloc, composed of the USSR and the eastern European countries around it).

For several decades, these two military alliances of opposite convictions have been battling in the shadow, never facing each others openly: spying, coup-d'états, military helps to the enemies of the opponent, competing in every field, from science to space conquest. The most serious of these competitions was most certainly the arms race, each side trying to gain and maintain military supremacy, by developing new technologies and new weapon systems, such as ground-attack helicopters or guided missiles.

The relationship between the two blocs was so tense, that, on several occasions, the world almost plunged into a third world war. It would have only needed one spark...

At last, with the United States out of Vietnam and the Soviets undistracted by their Chinese neighbors, the two are not willing to risk a war in Europe.


On December 19th of 1975, around the Iron Curtain area near Grafhorst in Germany, Werner Weinhold, a member of the East-German National People's Army defects and tries to flee to the West, shooting down two border guards during his escape. These two shots are the firsts to be fired in the no man’s land for decades. On both sides, patrols, whose fear of being attacked has been growing constantly for years, return fire.

Suddenly rekindling the tensions between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the event becomes the starting point of the military escalation in Europe. NATO, starting to deploy its troops in Germany, suffers the first attacks from East German forces, before launching a full-scale offensive in the German Democratic Republic. Now that most East Germany is under NATO's control, the Pact's massive forces, like a steamroller, break into Germany... war is about to set Europe ablaze.

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