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Gameicon WRD
Type 59-II
2014-04-27 00013
Nation Flag China China
Class Main battle tank
Prerequisite ZTZ-59-I,
Variant(s) ZTZ-59-IIA
Cost 35 Supply
Armor Front 7 / Side 3 / Rear 2 / Top 2
Icon WALB Strength 10
Size Medium


Speed 50 km/h
Road Speed 110 km/h
Icon WALB Stealth Poor
Fuel Capacity 1360 L
Icon WALB Autonomy 700 km
Icon WALB Year 1982
Icon WALB Type Marine, Mechanized, Armored, Motorized, Support
Main Gun PLA 105 (105mm, KE, AoE)

The Type 59-II is a Main Battle Tank used by the People's Republic of China. It is a further development of the Type 59-I.


The ZTZ-59-II was developed during the early '80s as a result of China's new military modernization program under Deng Xiaoping. To counter the threat of new American and Soviet MBTs (such as the M1 Abrams and T-72), Norinco added to its Type 59 models a new variant through installing a Austrian licensed Royal Ordinance L7 variant on the ZTZ-59-I (thus replacing the original T69 gun). In addition to the new gun, Norinco also added to the tank new locally designed features, such as a new comparably-modern fire control system. This model would eventually be referred to as the Type 59-II, and it entered mass production in 1982.


  • Very similar perimeters to the Type 59-I, except for a improved gun and fuel capacities.
  • Decent main gun capable of penetrating most enemy armor at short-medium range.
  • Useful as a "sniper tank" knocking out even heavily armored enemy tanks at closer ranges while remaining in camouflage (presumably in support of a larger operation with other tanks and vehicles).
  • Very good autonomy and fuel cap, capable of sustaining long battles should it escape being destroyed with a single hit (even on the frontal armor) by an top-tier enemy tank.
  • As mentioned above, its weak armor is useless in head-on operations against enemy armor formations by itself (even against cheaper tanks, unless of course the sacrifice justify the gains).
  • Could be a more valuable target to enemy bombers and will be blown up in rows should it be left in the open without air defense.


Weapons WRD Icon PLA 105 WRD Icon T54
Type Main Gun MMG No Weapon
Name PLA 105 T54
Caliber 105mm [KE] [AoE] 12,7mm
Ammo x 30 x 600
Range Ground = 2100 m
Helicopters = N/A m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Ground = 1050 m
Helicopters = 875 m
Icon WALB Airplanes = N/A m
Accuracy 40% 15%
Icon WRD Stabilizer 10% 5%
AP Power 12 N/A
HE Power 3 0.75
Icon WALB Suppression 121 90
Rate of fire 7 r/min 500 r/min


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