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Reinforcement Zone Ingame

A reinforcement zone

Command Zones, also officially referred to as Objective Zones are demarcated areas of operational importance in Wargame.

Command Zones are visible as a color-tinted map overlay, displaying whether a zone is controlled, neutral or enemy-held. Command Zones have names from the NATO phonetic alphabet when playing as a NATO, and according to a Russian analogue when playing as a PACT faction.


In Wargame: European Escalation capture of zones causes a higher income of command points. Zones are captured and held by positioning a stationary Command Unit in them, while preventing the enemy from doing the same. If the player moves his command units or loses them to enemy action the zone reverts to neutral and is for the present lost.

Some zones, often but not always near the edge of the map, are Reinforcement Zones which, when controlled, allow newly deployed units to enter the battlefield from a nearby spawn point. capturing more forward-lying Reinforcement Zones allow your forces to reach the front lines much faster from the time they are requested. With no Reinforcement Zones held, you cannot deploy units at all, so it is best to protect these zones as much as possible.

In Wargame: AirLand Battle Control Zones work similarly, with some additional rules. In the new game mode Conquest, control of Command Zones gives the holding side Victory Points, while Command Points accumulate at a fixed rate.

With the introduction of aircraft, Wargame: Airland Battle introduced Air Corridors, lanes through which called-in aircraft enter the map.

Introduced in Wargame: Red Dragon are naval command zones and naval reinforcement zones. They are similar to normal land-based command zones except the fact that naval or amphibious command units can capture them. Naval reinforcement zones are required to deploy naval units.


  • Send in a scout and a group of at least 4 tanks or attack choppers into an enemy zone to destroy the command vehicle if there is no other enemy unit around.
  • It is best if there is a forest in your zone, move the command vehicle into the forest, making it more hidden to the enemy and have more protection.
  • Be very careful though, if it's the only forest in the area, enemies may simply drop artillery on it because they will expect a CV there.

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